Social Movements which changed the face of America

The Civil Rights movement is obviously one of the biggest social movements in the history of the US. No less important was the Underground Railroad. But these are both well studied and discussed. They were not the only movements who changed the face of the States.

Here are some other hugely important social movements which make a difference to us today.


The Women’s Rights Movement

Founded way back in 1848 with a mission to remove inequalities that existed as a result of sex, the work of the movement is not finished. As long as women earn 90 cents (or less) on the dollar and as long as reproductive rights are denied, there remains an important job to do. But thanks to this movement and the suffragettes, women at least can vote.

The Anti-WarMovement

This widespread movement had straightforward aims to end the Vietnam War and raise the social consciousness. Between 1965 and 1973 the anti-war movement galvanized so much opposition it came to the point where the government was forced to end the conflict.

The Temperance Movement

This seems a quaint idea today, but in fact, the movement still exists and there are plenty of people who believe we would be better without drugs and alcohol to harm our health and our livers. There are equally strong movements who would argue the exact opposite, hence we see states legalizing marijuana.

#MeToo and Time’s Up

These two movements have changed the way in which women’s rights are viewed. The #MeToo shocking us with the prevalence and Time’s Up being a huge positive, no-nonsense, this will not be tolerated any longer statement that 50% of the population is as mad as hell.

Movements which are a mark of our times

The current political climate has triggered a wave of social movements in ways thought to be obsolete less than three years ago.


Few would have thought there needed to be a movement to condemn Islamophobia, yet there is, and it is making its presence known.

The Feminist Pro-Choice Movement

Newly reminted into a society which has already traveled this way once, it is hard to imagine that there even needs to be a discussion on the pro-choice topic. But it is under attack from the right wing and as many as 30 states could see their laws rolled back to before Roe v. Wade.

Defend Science

Science has often needed defending, once it was from the Catholic Church, now it is under attack from religious fundamentalists and the right wing who don’t want to admit our effect on the world.

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