How to navigate the world of social movements

With all of the movements coming out of the world today, especially with social media becoming more and more important to the success of the movement, it might seem overwhelming to figure out how to start or join one of your own or even just figure out what a social movement is.

Social movements are especially becoming popular with the youth of today, with people using their skills to fight for everything from race relations to social change in the world. Anytime injustice, anger, or situations grow and are not fixed, a social movement is often born to draw attention to it.


Anger and outrage can grow most social movements, but more can be founded on love and a desire to make someone else life better. No matter what the movement is like or how it was created, however, it is very much like a business.

Movements that focus on the youth and the hot-button issues of the world make themselves unavoidable to the rest of the world. Taking something like the massive uproar against sexual assault and holding people accountable for it created the MeToo movement, which has now spread its influence worldwide.

Social movements have three ways of interacting with the world.

  1. Giving a voice to the voiceless

By speaking up for refugees, or the earth, or animals, social movements bring issues that some would ignore smack dab in the spotlight by making us listen to the voiceless among us. These popular movements can galvanize others to action.

  1. Creating a product

By creating a product that stands with a certain brand, such as companies who create items from trash or waste, social movements have something to offer the people who join them. It’s something physical that they can touch and measure. Besides, if a movement has a shoe that is made from plastic found in the ocean, wouldn’t you feel better about joining a local ocean cleanup campaign?

  1. Call to action

Finally, all movements need to have some action component, whether that is a march, a stand-in, a protest, or a common theme that everyone in the movement uses. Having the backing of a brand and fighting for people who can’t fight isn’t worth anything if you don’t do anything with it.

Most importantly, if you want to join a movement, create one, or use your skills to help a cause you believe in, there’s one final thing you need: Passion.

Passion for whatever the cause is, whether it’s feeding the hungry or cleaning the oceans, is the number one necessity for a social movement to succeed and thrive. You have to be willing to do a lot of crazy things to show your passion and inspire others to stand with you is what all those other leaders did.

If you wind up joining a movement and fighting for the cause, then believe in the cause. Then your passion will help that cause change the entire world.

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